Lake Travis Texas Waterfront Homes

Ever dreamed of living on a lake? Of waking up in the morning to the sounds of water lapping on the dock and looking out on a spectacular view? Lake Travis waterfront homes for sale offer all that and more!

This desirable community, located about 12 miles northwest of Austin Texas, is home to almost 13,000 people. From vacation homes to year-round residences, when it comes to Lake Travis real estate, waterfront is the way to go.

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Lake Travis was created in the early 1940s as a government project designed to reduce flooding and provide inexpensive hydroelectric power to help develop the lower Colorado River Basin.

At the time, electricity was expensive for those who lived in what was then a remote, undeveloped rural area, but the Mansfield Dam changed all that. The new dam created an 18,000+ acre reservoir that holds up to 256 billion gallons and winds for 65 miles through the gently rolling Texas Hill Country... and along with all of that cheap power came a whole slew of recreational opportunities.

Texans are known for loving a good time, and Lake Travis proved hard to resist. The region quickly turned into a popular recreational spot and, later, into a desirable place to call home.

Today, those living in Lake Travis waterfront homes enjoy easy access to a range of outdoor activities on the lake, from kayaking to sailing, power boating to fishing, canoeing to scuba diving. With more than a dozen golf courses in the area, hiking and biking trails in the nearby hills, a thriving local economy and convenient proximity to all of Austin's big city amenities, it's easy to understand why so many want to call Lake Travis home.


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